Nokia Drop

Nokia Drop Beta 1.4.12101

Transfer content to your Nokia phone from the internet


  • Send lots of different content to your phone
  • Very easy to use
  • Install apps, wallpapers and ringtones from your computer
  • Automatically stores content you want to sent until the phone is online


  • Can consume lots of data


With Nokia Drop you can transfer web content and files to your Nokia phone from your PC, and vice versa.

Nokia Drop is the ideal application if you want to have your computer and your phone completely synchronized. The app lets you transfer files without the need for cables, Bluetooth, or the cumbersome Nokia PC Suite software.

Using Nokia Drop is a simple, painless process. You just need to install the app on your phone, then download and install the Firefox or Chrome Nokia Drop extension in your browser.

Once this has all been set up, you can push content from web sites you're browsing to your Nokia device, through push notifications. Nokia Drop allows you to push a range of different things, including URLs, map views from Nokia Maps, news feeds and images.

You can also use Nokia Drop to install applications, themes, ringtones and wallpapers from the Ovi Store, without having to send an SMS.

Your phone does need an internet connection in order to receive content through Nokia Drop. However, there is a Store and Forward feature within the service that holds the information you want to send if your phone is offline, then forwards it when you next connect to the internet.

Nokia Drop provides a very easy way to send files, URLs, news feeds, and even install apps and wallpapers onto your phone from a computer.

Nokia Drop


Nokia Drop Beta 1.4.12101

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